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Charter cancellation insurance.

So that you are covered if the skipper or crew member is unavailable.

The solution: charter cancellation insurance from YACHT-POOL!

The yacht for your cruise is booked, the crew is complete and the anticipation is already high – nothing can go wrong now, can it? Unfortunately already! What happens if the skipper has an accident shortly before the cruise and is unable to make the trip? When a family member falls seriously ill? The vacation falls through for the entire crew – and they are left with the cancellation costs.
You are still sitting.

If the skipper is unable to start the charter trip, e.g. due to his own illness or the illness of a family member, and the trip cannot take place as a result, the costs incurred by the skipper and crew will be paid.

If a crew member is unable to start the charter trip, e.g. due to illness or illness of a family member, the proportionate costs for the crew member will be paid.

If the skipper is unavailable, no suitable replacement can be procured and the trip must therefore be terminated prematurely, the costs for the unused part of the charter will be reimbursed if it is not possible to continue the charter.

If two people have booked together and one person cancels, the second person can also cancel.

Covered are the costs for the charter and the flights (if specified in the application).

Insured are:

  • unexpected serious illness
  • Serious accident
  • Death
  • Vaccine intolerance
  • serious damage to property
  • Victim of an intentional crime

Insolvency protection:

Charter Cancellation Insurance PLUS also provides cover in the event of the charter company’s inability to pay or insolvency! This applies to selected charter agencies and fleet operators – just ask us!

The general terms and conditions of other cancellation insurance policies often exclude illness or death of relatives over the age of 75 as a reason for canceling a trip. YACHT-POOL does not have this restriction and also provides services in these cases!

A small difference with a big effect.

The advantages of YACHT-POOL charter cancellation insurance at a glance

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