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Yacht liability insurance

Are you looking for comprehensive cover if you culpably cause personal injury or property damage and want to defend yourself against unjustified claims?

The solution: yacht liability insurance from YACHT-POOL!

Yacht liability insurance from YACHT-POOL provides essential cover for yacht owners and protects you from financial consequences if you culpably cause personal injury or property damage.

In the world of yachting, where the pleasure of water sports often goes hand in hand with significant risks, reliable liability insurance is essential. YACHT-POOL has developed a specially tailored yacht liability insurance policy that covers a wide range of risks that can occur when operating a yacht – e.g. cover for damage to water, which is particularly relevant in the case of environmental damage. YACHT-POOL’s yacht liability insurance covers all authorized users of the yacht as well as persons on board. This also applies if the yacht is rented out free of charge. The insurance is characterized by its flexibility and comprehensive cover. This reflects YACHT-POOL’s understanding of the diverse and unique challenges that yacht owners face.

The advantages of YACHT-POOL yacht liability insurance at a glance

Further insurance for boats and yachts

Eine Luftaufnahme einer Motoryacht, die durch das Wasser rast.

Yacht hull insurance

Yacht-Pool’s yacht hull insurance provides comprehensive cover specifically designed to offer yacht owners protection and security. It covers total loss as well as partial damage to your own yacht.

Eine Gruppe von Menschen auf einem Segelboot im Wasser.

Yacht passenger insurance

YACHT-POOL’s yacht passenger accident insurance is a special form of insurance that aims to provide comprehensive protection for people on board a yacht. This insurance covers accident risks

An der Seite eines Bootes ist eine Kette befestigt.

Yacht confiscation insurance

In the event of actual or alleged liability claims, it can very easily happen that the ship is put on a chain by the authorities until the claims have been clarified.

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