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Skipper liability insurance

The skipper is fully and personally liable!

The solution: skipper liability insurance from YACHT-POOL!


In principle, the skipper is liable for damages that he culpably causes to others with all his present and future assets – without limitation!

The charter contract usually states that the chartered ship is covered by liability insurance. However, they usually do not know how much. In Spain, cover amounts of € 50,000 are quite common. Ships that are insured via Lloyds London (this is very often the case in Greece and Turkey) are sometimes only insured up to the value of the ship (current value). Depending on the type of ship, we may then be talking about € 25,000 or € 50,000 or whatever the current value is. This value is always too low, because the skipper’s liability is unlimited! Our skipper liability insurance therefore covers this risk up to € 10 million!

Liability claims by crew members against the skipper are almost never insured. Not even if the ships are insured in accordance with the usual “General Liability Conditions” (AHB).

If the charter company has not paid its premium on time (which does happen), you as the skipper have no cover at all.

You are personally liable without limitation for material damage that you cause to the ship yourself (including total loss!) if your actions are deemed to be “gross negligence”. “I’m not being grossly negligent”, you may be thinking! But what constitutes “gross negligence” is an elastic concept and may be decided by a Greek, Turkish or Croatian court or wherever the accident may occur. That is your risk!

Your personal liability insurance does not pay for any of these risks! You should not take on this entire liability risk thoughtlessly. This problem can be solved with our skipper liability insurance (if the premium is split between 4 people) for almost the price of a penalty ticket for parking in the wrong place once.

Because the responsible skipper has unlimited liability!

Difference between liability and fidelity insurance:

A charter deposit claim is usually damage to the chartered ship that was culpably caused by the skipper or crew and is usually less than the amount of the deductible of the hull insurance.

This damage is covered by the security deposit insurance! If the amount of damage exceeds the deductible, the owner’s comprehensive insurance will pay.

The yacht owner’s liability insurance covers property damage and personal injury that you culpably cause to others. But what is actually covered and what is not is set out in the owner’s liability conditions, which you do not know. No liability insurance that we know of covers damage to the chartered vessel. Hull insurers fall back on the skipper for grossly negligent damage to the ship.

The skipper liability insurance covers the (unknown) gaps that the liability insurance of the charter yacht may have, e.g:

  • Damage to the yacht due to gross negligence (protects you from liability towards the hull insurer).
  • Personal injury to crew members
  • Damage to other ships, insofar as this damage is not covered by the liability of the charter yacht, e.g. because the premium was not paid on time or other reasons.
    Exclusions of the charter company’s liability insurance exclude benefits (that you are not aware of), such as personal injury to crew members or similar.

The advantages of YACHT-POOL skipper liability insurance at a glance

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