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Sailing with us – cabin and berth charter

Special charter insurance for cabin and berth charters

We are one of the largest yacht insurers in Europe and have our own representative offices in various European countries.

In the field of charter insurance, we are undisputedly regarded as a pioneer in specialist circles, because virtually all the insurance policies offered in this area today were developed and implemented by us. Recognizing the real risks in this area and developing appropriate cover concepts has made us one of the leading providers in the areas relating to chartering risks.

Against this backdrop, we are repeatedly asked for solutions to various problems in these areas. In addition to the skipper’s liability insurance and the other typical insurances for bareboat charter, one problem area that we are increasingly confronted with is the insurance of the guests sailing with us, which is independent of the insurance of the boat and the skipper.

We have developed a concept for this and offer the following insurances for cabin and berth charters:

Guest liability insurance

This makes sense because both property damage and personal injury can occur for which the charter guest is responsible and against which he is not insured because, for example, he has no personal liability at all or his personal liability generally excludes cover for culpable acts in the case of ocean charters and similar undertakings.

Guest accident insurance

It makes sense because here too it is questionable whether the charter guest has private accident insurance at all, and if so, whether “offshore sailing” is not generally excluded by the general clause “exclusion of hazardous sports”. In our opinion, rescue costs in the amount that may be incurred in the event of a necessary rescue are not covered by any accident insurance that we are aware of. Our cover extends up to a total amount of € 60,000 for recovery costs and does not only apply when an accident occurs, but also after a Mayday call has been made. An accident on a ship can sometimes be very costly (from rescue by helicopter, transportation to the nearest suitable hospital). Accidents involving charter guests are not covered by the normal boat (yacht) liability insurance unless this has been agreed separately.

Guest deposit insurance

It is useful for material damage caused by the charter guest to the ship itself, e.g.

  • because he steps on the hatch cover, which breaks.
  • because he pours the red wine over the new upholstery or
  • because he soiled the cushions due to seasickness and they had to be replaced
  • and the like.
Guest charter cancellation insurance

It makes sense because if the charter guest is unable to start the charter (due to conditions), cancellation costs from your contractual relationship are usually payable. The cancellation costs will be refunded to the charter guest in the event of a claim. It is in your interest as a charter guest to cover this risk and not to have to discuss it with the charter company in an emergency.

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