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Skipper accident insurance

Many insurers exclude hazardous sports!


“I have accident insurance” you may be thinking. We have developed the special skipper accident insurance for the following reason: Various accident insurers exclude accidents from “risk-prone” sports (increasing trend)

All accident insurance policies cover salvage costs (recovering people from the ship) for only a few thousand euros. In the event that a personal accident has not actually occurred, you will receive nothing. As a skipper, you cannot be sure that all crew members actually have accident insurance. In the event of an accident, a legal dispute may arise between you and the injured crew member to determine whether or not you as the skipper are at fault (and therefore liable).

“My crew members don’t do that, they’re all old friends of mine”, you might think. The reality is that the accident insurance, health insurance, pension insurance or whoever else has to pay for the costs of the accident can take recourse against the skipper if it can be proven that he was at fault. With skipper accident insurance, this risk can be eliminated in addition to skipper liability insurance because the accident insurance department might have to argue about this with the liability department of the same company, which will not happen because it makes no sense.

But that is just as important! The skipper’s accident insurance covers up to € 60,000 in salvage costs. Even if no accident has occurred, but you are in distress at sea and need to call for help. For rescue helicopters in the Mediterranean countries up to € 15 000,- per hour are charged! The skipper accident insurance can be taken out for the skipper and all crew members or just for the skipper alone. Depending on your choice, the sum insured is divided among all crew members in the event of a claim or is only available to the skipper. If the insurance cover for “Skipper & Crew” is selected, all crew members on board with the skipper are automatically insured (it is not necessary to name the crew members)


And they paid even then, if at all there was no personal accident, or if you are in distress at sea and need to call for help to prevent an accident. Depending on the sum insured selected, rescue costs from distress at sea are reimbursed up to EUR 60,000, even if there is no injury to a person (unlike conventional accident insurance). These gaps are often underestimated. After all, who knows that a rescue helicopter can cost up to EUR 16,000 per hour, and that rescue costs of a few thousand euros from conventional insurance companies may be far from sufficient, or that no payment is made at all if there is no accident because, for example, all persons could be successfully rescued.

But we pay – even in this case! – Skipper accident insurance is valid worldwide!


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