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Houseboat charter insurance

In the field of charter insurance, we are undisputedly regarded as a pioneer in specialist circles, because virtually all the insurance policies offered in this area today were developed and implemented by us. Recognizing the real risks in this area and developing appropriate cover concepts has made us one of the leading names in the areas relating to chartering risk cover.

Houseboat vacations offer a unique combination of adventure, relaxation and community experience and are becoming increasingly popular. The same rights and obligations apply to the responsible skipper as to the charter skipper of a sailing or motor yacht.

We have adapted our charter insurance policies specifically for houseboat charters with the appropriate sums insured, the houseboat charter insurance policies apply to the very specific charter trip, the insurance conditions have been specially adapted for houseboat charter vacations:

We know from experience that the responsible skipper and his crew are faced with unpleasant consequences in the event of damage that are not covered by conventional travel or liability insurance. You can minimize your risk with YACHT-POOL houseboat charter insurance.

Why do I need skipper liability insurance for my houseboat charter?

Because, in principle, you are personally liable for damage that you culpably cause to other persons or property, with all your present and future assets. Because your personal liability insurance does not cover liability claims arising from skipper or crew activities. Because as skipper you are also liable to the crew members. Because exclusions of liability towards crew members or third parties (e.g. health insurance for the wife or children) do not usually apply.

Why do I need deposit insurance?

Every experienced skipper knows how quickly the harmony of the crew is severely disrupted if he or a crew member causes damage to the houseboat and everyone is asked to pay.

As united as the crew may have been before the start of the charter, they may disagree on the tangible question of why everyone should pay for the damage caused by just one person – usually the skipper himself – due to his responsibility as the skipper.

When renting (chartering) houseboats, a deposit in the amount of the excess must be paid. If damage occurs to the chartered houseboat during the rental period, we will retain all or part of the deposit and settle the damage after the repair. The renter must pay for the damage himself up to the amount of the excess.

You can mitigate this financial risk with charter deposit insurance, where you will be reimbursed by the insurance company for the deposit actually paid in the event of a claim.

Why do I need travel cancellation insurance?

Illness or unforeseen events can affect anyone. The risk of not being able to go on your houseboat vacation is covered by travel cancellation insurance.

If a crew member is unable to start the voyage due to an insured event, the pro rata costs for the charter cruise will be reimbursed. Interruption of the houseboat vacation during the charter trip is also insured.

Why do I need charter consequential loss insurance?

There is a risk that you will cause damage to the charter vessel and therefore the vessel will no longer be operational in time for the subsequent charter and because you can be held liable by law or on the basis of the charter contract for the charter loss.

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