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Specialty insurance

Ein Mann fährt auf einem Jetski im Meer.

Jet ski insurance

As a pioneer and trendsetter in water sports insurance, YACHT-POOL sets a new standard in jet ski insurance! YACHT-POOL JETSKI insurance is tailored to the special risks of jet ski users.

Houseboat charter insurance

We have adapted our charter insurance policies specifically for houseboat charters with the appropriate sums insured, the houseboat charter insurance policies apply to the very specific charter trip, the insurance conditions have been specially adapted for houseboat charter vacations.

Ein Mann mit roter Mütze und Sonnenbrille auf einem Segelboot.
Ein blaues Segelboot-Symbol auf weißem Hintergrund.

Professional skipper insurance

A professional skipper within the meaning of our “professional skipper insurance” is a skipper who uses his own or a chartered vessel in a way that goes beyond purely recreational use.

Ein blaues Segelboot-Symbol auf weißem Hintergrund.

Charter insurance for cabin and berth charters

As one of the leading providers of charter insurance, we have developed cover for guests sailing with us who have only booked a cabin or berth. The insurance for cabin and berth charter is independent of the insurance of the ship and the skipper.

Claims service

For fast and personal assistance in the event of damage. Report damage simply and easily. We are here for you and will help you as quickly as possible.

Be smart – avoid the damage! Recognize dangers as a precaution, avert them correctly and save time, money and trouble! We want to prepare you accordingly.

Ein Segelboot liegt im Wasser neben einer Broschüre.

Relevant contributions

Here you will find regularly updated articles with valuable information and expert advice on yacht and skipper insurance, as well as the latest developments, safety tips and industry-specific updates to make your enjoyment as a yacht and boat owner or charter skipper worry-free.

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