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Professional skipper insurance

A professional skipper within the meaning of our “professional skipper insurance” is a skipper who uses his own or a chartered vessel for commercial purposes.

Commercial use is deemed to exist if:

“The recreational craft is rented out with a skipper, or (also by the owner) is otherwise used with the intention of making a profit for training to operate recreational craft or for similar sports and leisure purposes, then this a is commercial use within the meaning of Section 2 No. 6 SeespbootV. Anyone who offers services that can typically be purchased on an external market for a fee is acting with the intention of making a profit. An association can therefore also be commercially active in this sense if, for example, it offers training or berth charters at normal market rates. It does not matter whether the offer is aimed at everyone or only at club members.” (For further information, see BG Verkehr, Ship Safety Division, Commercial use).

An overview of the characteristics of a professional skipper:
  • The professional skipper organizes charters for a fee or for a monetary benefit.
  • The professional skipper repeatedly organizes charters for changing crews.
  • The professional skipper offers the organization of charter trips publicly (e.g. via the Internet or sailing magazines).
  • The professional skipper takes over the management of the ship for other charter companies in return for payment or a monetary benefit.
  • The professional skipper acts as a skipper for boat owners.
  • The professional skipper offers skipper training and training trips.

To ensure that you are properly insured and do not jeopardize your insurance cover, we offer professional skipper insurance, which includes liability, accident, legal protection, bail and consequential damage.

The insurance policies can be taken out individually so that you can put together your own package.

Do you have any questions about our professional skipper insurance? We are at your disposal:

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