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The real charter fair yield is only available from YACHT-POOL

Our customer, a former lieutenant captain and submarine commander in the German navy with a sports offshore license and over 100,000 nm of experience, wrote to us:

Due to several bad experiences with charter companies, I wanted to use YACHT-POOL ‘s Charter-Fairtrag for my next charter. I emphasized my desire for a proper contract design and also my mistrust of the “Greek” charter contract presented to me and also named individual parts of the contract that I would not accept under any circumstances, because they would impose unacceptable liability risks on me.

After a suitable boat was found, the agency sent me the Charter Fair contract from YACHT-POOL. So far, everything seemed fine. As a suspicious person, I then looked in the small print of the booking confirmation and found terms and conditions that had nothing to do with the charter fair contract from YACHT-POOL. In addition, the charter company is not listed by YACHT-POOL in the list of charter companies using the fair contract.

I know from experience that in Greece the charter company usually insists on the signature of a “Greek” charter contract, which is supposedly required by the Greek authorities. This Greek standard contract, whose conditions are actually already unacceptable, are sometimes supplemented and further aggravated by various charter companies.

That’s why I wrote to the charter company and the agency and asked them to send me the YACHT-POOL charter fair contract in English, as I couldn’t discuss the contract with the Greek charter company in German. Shortly afterwards, however, both sent me the charter company’s contract, which, as I suspected, contained unacceptable conditions for me. I did not receive the charter fair contract from YACHT-POOL in English, although it is easily available on the YACHT-POOL website. The agency acted surprised when I confronted them with the obvious discrepancy between the contractual reality and the promises made and initially claimed that there had been a mistake. She promised me that she would renegotiate with the charter company and change the critical points in the contract accordingly, and I was also promised that the YACHT-POOL Charter Fair contract would be signed by the agency and sent to me as a valid contract. Apparently the charter company was convinced that its contract was unacceptable, because it backed down.

Note from YACHT-POOL
The general terms and conditions of the charter company are always decisive for your charter cruise – not those of the agency, which only mediates the charter contract of the charter company. On this page you will find a list of all charter companies that offer the Charter Fair Contract in principle – even if you book through the charter agency of your choice.

In addition, many other charter companies accept the international terms and conditions of YACHT-POOL ‘s Charter-Fairtrag on special, emphatic customer request, as this example shows.

So it’s worth asking – but always make sure you get the original from YACHT-POOL!

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