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Even better and safer from experience!

YACHT-POOL, the pioneer of charter insurance, has always been committed to safe chartering. That is why, over 10 years ago, we developed a charter “fair contract” that comes as close as possible to these requirements – from the point of view of balancing the legitimate concerns of the charter company and the charterer-customer.

40 “lawyer-skippers” (lawyers, judges, public prosecutors, etc.) examined it as critical practitioners and affected parties.

The result was a “standard contract” that is offered by many charter companies and has become a prerequisite for many charter customers for a trouble-free charter vacation.

But nothing is so good that it cannot be improved. Developments in technology and the charter market also require constant adjustments.

The result is the 2022 version of the “International YACHT-POOL Terms and Conditions” – Faircharter 22.

Dr. Heyko Wychodil, the legal expert of Europe’s largest sailing magazine, “Yacht”, gives his verdict on Faircharter 22:
“The Charter-Fairtrag 2022 has a lot of practical experience! I like it very much!”

More information on the YACHT-POOL charter fair contract: LINK MISSING!!!

Actively ask your charter agency or your charter company about the international conditions of the YACHT-POOL charter fair contract:

for your safety!

Look out for the“CHECKED & TRUSTED” label in future and minimize your risks when chartering!

So that your charter weeks remain the best weeks of the year!

Dr. Friedrich Schöchl

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