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We recommend that owners of sailing yachts also have their rig checked before the start of the new sailing season. Regardless of age, although well-known manufacturers recommend changing the rig after 10 years.

Unlike some of our competitors(link…), we do not have a hard clause in our comprehensive insurance conditions that stipulates this. However, we strongly recommend this check. If the causes of an accident are so obvious that they would have been easily recognizable, this can also be relevant from an insurance perspective.

Irrespective of this, a broken mast is certainly not something to be taken lightly, as it can also cause personal injury, which in turn can raise questions from the insurer on the part of the injured party.

In any case, the sailing season is certainly over in such a case with today’s delivery problems.

We have therefore agreed with Mr. Christian Kargl, whom we can highly recommend as an expert on rigging issues, that he will carry out a corresponding inspection on the Adriatic for YACHT-POOL policyholders – at the request of the policyholder.

As a result of the examination, you will receive a certificate, which we will add to our records and thus clarify any questions from the insurer from the outset.

If you are interested, please contact Mr. Kargl at short notice using the keyword YACHT-POOL:
Tel.: 0043 (0) 650 5090909 or by e-mail

We wish you not only a hand’s breadth of water under your keel, but also that the rig does not come from above

Yours sincerely

Dr. Friedrich Schöchl

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