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Danger of confusion! – Not everywhere that says YACHT-POOL on it is also YACHT-POOL in it!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear skippers,

A few days ago you may have received an offer from a well-known charter company for charter bookings with an included cancellation insurance with the product name “Safe & risk-free PLUS”. The name is ours
“Charter Cancellation Insurance PLUS”, which covers the insolvency risk of the charter company, among other things,
and our logo “
” is prominently displayed in the sender of this mail without any consultation with us. This has already led to many misunderstandings, irritations and corresponding customer inquiries.

We are therefore forced to make this statement and must emphatically clarify that this cancellation insurance has nothing to do with the “Charter Cancellation Insurance PLUS” that we have developed. Our“CHECKED & TRUSTED” quality seal is therefore not associated with this product.

We would have liked to explain the difference between this product and our Charter Cancellation Insurance PLUS in more detail. Unfortunately, the specific content of the conditions of the insurance offered is unknown and cannot be found on the charter company’s website, as essential legal obligations to inform customers are not fulfilled. (Status at the time of writing)

Therefore, please be particularly careful – especially whenever an insurance policy is advertised as “free” and “risk-free”.

The insolvency risk, which is insured by YACHT-POOL’sCharter Cancellation Insurance PLUS” for companies with appropriate creditworthiness that have been checked by us, is covered by the insurance in accordance with the prospectus in all cases. not covered. However, given the current conditions on the charter market, we believe it makes sense to hedge this risk in particular.

We would therefore like to give you a brief overview of the tried and tested charter cancellation insurance policies offered by YACHT-POOL.

⚓ Charter cancellation insurance and
⚓ Additional benefits with Charter Cancellation Insurance PLUS

An excerpt from the description of benefits (details can be found in the application and the insurance conditions):

The insurer shall pay compensation if

  • Death
  • serious accident
  • unexpected serious illness(including corona infection)
    a)by skipper or crew
    b)of spouses, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, parents-in-law, children-in-law
    Vaccine intolerance
    a)by skipper or crew
    b)or their minor children
  • serious damage to the property of the skipper or crew

  • additionally with Charter Cancellation Insurance PLUS:

    Protection against insolvency of the charter company if the chartered / comparable yacht is not made available as a result

If the charter trip is not commenced for the above-mentioned reasons, the insurer will also pay compensation for the cancellation costs of the arrival and departure, provided that the arrival and departure are included in the sum insured.

If the booked ship is not available on site due to the insolvency of the fleet operator, the charter cancellation insurance PLUS will cover the

  • Cancellation/cancellation costs for charters
  • Hotel and
  • flight is refundable and it is even possible that
  • increased return travel costs are covered (provided that the hotel and flight are also insured)

Who can be insured?
All skippers from the EU can take out Charter Cancellation Insurance and Charter Cancellation Insurance PLUS

For which charter companies can the Charter Cancellation Insurance / Charter Cancellation Insurance PLUS be taken out?

Charter cancellation insurance can be taken out for any charter company. The Charter Cancellation Insurance PLUS can be taken out for charter companies approved by YACHT-POOL. A list of the checked (“
“) companies can be found in the attachment. The list is constantly updated.

Life’s risks cannot always be avoided – with insurance from YACHT-POOL you can at least protect yourself against their financial consequences.

Put your trust in the tried and tested, especially in times of crisis – put your trust in the pioneer of charter insurance!

My YACHT-POOL crew will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

With best regards, Yours

Dr. Friedrich Schöchl

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